Tap In With Las Vegas Artist, Nick Crucial & His Engaging Solo Debut


Like anything in this world, success is a lot more fun when you have people to share it with. At times, creativity can be that way as well–allowing you to bounce ideas off of somebody else and collaborate to conjure up the best peace of content possible. As 1/2 of popular Las Vegas rap duo, POWMINDSET, Nick Crucial understands this notion perfectly, and it’s why Per Üsual, his solo debut album, is so impressive the further you break it down.

At 45-minutes, Per Üsual may seem like a long project, but the more you dive into the content, the more clear it is that everything has a place. Showcasing a razor sharp flow and a knack for clever lines over engaging melodies, Crucial proves he can carry an album by himself, something many artist struggle to do once transitioning from a group. Boasting features from Doanman, Jayy and more, he also takes full advantage of his pristine production list, which features a who’s who of Sin City producers in Asaiah Ziv, Wave MMLZ, OG Moose and more. Oh yeah, there’s also a POW reunion on, “$.D.” which features Nate Quest and is one of the best records on the project, if you’re feeling nostalgic.

Check out Per Üsual below and be sure to keep up with Nick Crucial.


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