San Bernardino Rapper, Cam Gnarly Returns With His Festive New Project, ‘333 HZ’

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People (mostly people in L.A.) hate to admit that the Inland Empire has produced some talented artists. Without mentioning Hit-Boy, you’ve got cats like Audio Push, Trizz, Noa James and 60 East making waves, while a new generation is brewing in the background. Also to be included in that aforementioned group is Cam Gnarly. Hailing from San Bernardino, Cam is one of the more respected talents in the I.E., and he proves why with his engaging new project, 333 HZ.

Boasting a list of features that includes Waju, Trizz and Airplane James, as well as a production list featuring Audio King, Pantsu and Aye Brooke, 333 HZ is a ridiculously well-crafted album that finds Cam largely showcasing his strengths. On, “Reignited,” he raps with a vengeance and lots of energy as he rhymes about those who got him riled up and inspired to go again, while on, “Maryjane,” he relaxes a bit more and plays with the melodies as him and Airplane deliver a wonderful record. In all, with a list of supporting names that are sure to bring some new fans in, Cam proves on this project that he has the chops to back up. One listen to this project will turn you into, at the very least, a causal Cam Gnarly fan…. and his name is awesome.

Check out 333 HZ below and get familiar with the IE’s own, Cam Gnarly.


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