Boston Artist, Baby Cate Turns In Her Immersive New EP


Sometimes, it’s hard to exemplify what, “real” artistry is. In fact, I’d argue that there’s really no concrete definition, and that it’s representation varies based on one’s perspective. Meaning, you could think somebody is the most technically talented artist in the world followed by somebody else replying with, “what the fuck are you talking about?” Either way, it’s subjective, but one thing that isn’t is dedication. Self producing, mixing and mastering everything herself, Boston rapper, Baby Cate checks into our pages for the first time with her EP, Self Love.

At 4-tracks–and really only 3, as one is an interlude–Self Love is a quick, easily digestible project that focuses on loving yourself, respecting others and striving towards prosperity. Utilizing an infectious vocal tone to effortlessly skate back and forth between rapping and singing, she does a brilliant job at showcasing her talent. But without a doubt, though, her bread and butter is production, as Self Love is one of the best produced EP’s to come out in April.

Check out the project below and get familiar with Baby Cate.


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