Sada Baby Visits Campanella Park With YS In “Mobsters” Visual (Dir. JuddyRemixDem)

When a street rapper comes from out of town to visit Los Angeles, some like to visit the glamorous parts of Los Angeles like Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Calabasas. Some like to visit the grittier parts of L.A., such as Compton, South Central, Inglewood, and East or Northside Long Beach. When Nipsey was alive he would serve as a tour guide to his neighborhood of Hyde Park, on Crenshaw and Slauson and you’d see popular rappers like T.I.,Young Thug, Dave East, hang out in front of his store getting a feel for the real L.A.

What YS has consistently done in his visuals is bring the rappers featured on his songs to his natural habitat so they can soak in the scenery. YS new visual for “Mobsters” with Detroit’s Sada Baby‘s is no different. Directed by L.A. staple JuddyRemixDem, YS takes Sada Baby on a tour of his neighborhood in Compton on a cold dark night like true mobsters would. The duo go to historic Roy Campanella Park on the westside of Compton to shoot some scenes as Sada Baby proudly sports his black with red trim ROSECRANS hoodie surrounded by fellow wise guys.

Watch the visual below and look out for YS new project “Street Icons” produced entirely by Ron-Ron as it will be arriving later this month.

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