Ascending Vocalist, Chris Goma Releases The Feel-Good Video For, “Passion”

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It cannot be stressed to people more that, during this time, we need to be limiting non essential trips away from the house, and should be practicing social distancing. Inevitably, staying at home gets boring, let’s be real. Many people across the world are looking for ways to stay active, creative and most importantly, sane throughout this pandemic. One person that’s figured out a way to help not only himself, but plenty of others, is Canadian singer, Chris Goma. Utilizing an array of loyal fans, he includes them for his intriguing new video for, “Passion.”

As mentioned before, Chris calls on his fans to help, and he does so by having them film themselves at home enjoying whatever their passion is. For some, it’s music, for others, it’s cooking, but either way, it’s very refreshing to see so many people not only adhering to rules, but to look happy while doing it. Soundtracked to beautiful acoustics from Goma, he provides a soft, but ultimately necessary moment in time when many people might need it.

Check out the video below and get familiar with Chris Goma.


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