Paupa Enlists Kalan.frfr & Feefa For “Pa Mi”

Paupa Enlists Kalan.frfr & Feefa For “Pa Mi”

West-coast producer Paupa is known for his beats making history, on God! With a gaggle of hits to his name already, most notably “That’s Mando” by Stupid Young and Mozzy,”Fine Ass” by Kalan.frfr and “Rain On My Parade” by E-40, G-Eazy and Ty Dolla $ign. Today, he releases a brand new song featuring bilingual rapper Feefa and L.A.’s favorite crooner, Kalan.frfr. “Pa Mi” needs to be added to your quarantine and chill playlist expeditiously.

I spoke with Paupa about how he connected with Feefa.

I was making the beat randomly, just on some regular stuff. I linked up with Feefa and I didn’t know how he would approach it fr since we didn’t have any records prior and that was our first song. Just sent it to the email and hoped it would be fire.


Then he explained how he added Kalan to the pot and completed the dish.

Feefa sent me the record with a different title at first, we both said it needed a feature and I’m like Kalan would be a good fit. I talked to Kalan about it and I texted it to him, he said he thought the record was dope and wanted in. I pulled up on him to record the verse and I think we did one more other record. This was my 2nd studio session with Kalan.


Listen to the song below!

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