Los Angeles Artist, thekidspex! Enlists Aye Mitch! & Ayomari For His Funky New Video


In my humble opinion, Los Angeles has the most diverse Hip-Hop scene in the whole world, bar none. Just looking at the vast options of music that you have just within this genre, is amazing and there isn’t anywhere quite like it. One of the artists making eclectic music and enjoying his own wave is L.A. rapper, thekidspex! Checking into our pages for the first time, he drops off his engaging new video for, “Hit Me Up.”

Kicking things off with a brilliant shot of Spex donned in a turtle neck, sitting in a classic car and talking on a corded, director Katrina Soriano sets the tone very early. Keeping that infectious eye, she then steers the video into a more festive direction, with Spex and featured artist, Aye Mitch! spending a lot of night getting ready for–and eventually getting denied entrance to–a swanky Hollywood party. After some convincing, they link with Ayomari for a groovy stretch of time that serves as my favorite part of the video.

As for the record, produced by Spex, it’s infectiousness will have you replaying this one a few times to see if you missed anything. Utilizing funky bass lines, an incredibly catchy hook and relatable lyrics, Spex proves that he’s one to watch on this track.

Check out the video below and get familiar with thatkidspex!


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