Seattle Artist, Psyfi Whodini Turns In His Emphatic New Video


Becoming a successful rapper in 2020 is one of the more undefined paths that a person can take. While there are many stories of triumph and failure, there are probably more that fall towards the middle, where people don’t really know hot to categorize it. Either way, streaming and the internet have paved the way for artists to develop at their own pace, whether that be quickly or at their leisure. Hailing from Seattle, rising rapper Psyfi Whodini has been turning heads for the last 8-months or so. Utilizing the attention, he drops off his engaging new video for, “Sealab 2021.”

Directed by At Water Media, the video for, “Sealab 2021,” is an effect-heavy, colorful video that finds its’ charm in interacting with the things on screen. Serving as the visuals for the standout record from Psyfi’s Whodini Whodini project, he recruits Quicc Savo and Monioso for the ride, as the trio make for an entertaining watch and an even more thrilling listen. Trading flows and showcasing a solidified presence on screen, Psyfi proves that he has the chops to play conductor to the show.

Check out the video below and get familiar with Psyfi Whodini.


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