Ray Wright Speaks on The Next Chapter and His Latest EP “III Decades”

Ray Wright Speaks on The Next Chapter and His Latest EP “III Decades”


I always been Ray Wright, I was just waiting for the right time.

This is the year Ray Wright has all of the freedom to create what he wants, when he wants. He is embarking on a solo journey, focusing heavily on his own music. He’s been ready for this, but there were certain obstacles that had prevented it. This is essentially a rebirth for the Los Angeles artist who has bounced all around the city throughout his life. He is in a space where he is pushing forward for his family, his son, and all of the people who relate to him. Listeners are not alone, people who are going through shit are not alone. Ray is right there with you and he is focused on telling his story through his new music.

Ray has the ball moving already, he’s playing point guard, orchestrating his own moves now. In a way this is a relief, he has no barriers, he can create on his own time, with his own agenda. III Decades marks as his debut solo project, a short introduction to who he is, and what he is capable of. Five tracks that display his versatility and ear for the sound of LA music. He wants his listeners to be able to take this project anywhere with them, under any situation. It is a showcase, with only one feature on “The Rock” with Desto Dubb.

I got the chance to speak with Ray about the project and what this new chapter of his life means to him. He seems excited to show the world who he is alone, he knows the direction he wants to take his craft. The work he is about to put in will certainly pay off, he is locked in. Read the full interview below:

How did it feel creating on your own?

“This music has been sitting, I’ve just been waiting so it wouldn’t interfere with the label. Right now is really the first time I can completely focus on making music by myself. There were times where certain obstacles used to get in the way. Now that it’s where it’s at, I feel like it’s a rebirth. All the people who stuck around and got to know Warm Brew, they get to really know me now. Just taking it in everyday. If you look at my stuff you know I’m not just randomly throwing it together by myself. There were some real thoughts that went into it. I’ve got some great editors, photographers, people who are good with the people, and these are some of my best friends. They definitely are helping me to catapult this thing we’re doing. Putting it together piece by piece. I am looking forward to putting together a more in depth project by the fall.”

How did you end up picking these five songs for the project?

“Honestly I was just sitting on them for awhile like I said. Most of them I made right around the time my son was born. I was still kinda on some bullshit but also trying to be more about my business, not fucking shit up for him. It really came down to listening to the tracks and which ones encapsulate how my life sounds over these last three decades. Specifically the last 10 years being in the group, going on tour, giving that feel. There’s some party songs on there and then more of the get down to business music. It came down to what was really that type of music for people to; work out to, at a barbecue, or play in the car while they’re smoking. You know what I mean, they an do anything to it. That’s just what I’ve been doing to my music, the last however many years. I was just down about things too, everything going down with management, then Warm Brew going through things in our personal lives. For a little while I really had to humble myself and do some shit I didn’t want to do, so I can be where I’m at.”

You’ve been in the industry practically 10 years, is this the first time things have gotten tricky like that?

“When I first started a lot of people love my first shit, but I’m not the hugest fan. I was really still trying to figure out life as a whole. When I see new artists now I always think, ‘ damn this dude really has it together’. I admire that, whatever age I am, I am always trying to make my shit sound pristine like that no matter what tools I have accessible.  Shit always gets tricky bro, there’s ups and downs. I really didn’t catch my stride til I was 23, 24, since then I’ve really been trying to compile shit. I always have been Ray Wright, I was just waiting for the right time. Like I said the ups and downs, Warm Brew did a lot of great things, we sold out shows, went to Europe, national tours. I am grateful for all the stuff I went through cause at the end of the day I can see how everything needs to go.”

On the project which song is your favorite?

“Damn it’s got to be ‘The Rock’, the one feature with Dubb. That shit go. I was in. the studio with Smoov, Fizzle pulled up on us, and we started cooking. Dubb is cool we kicked it a couple times, Fizzle said Dubb would want to get on it cause the shit was hot. He sent it back a couple days later. Right now that’s really how it is though, like pass me the rock, it’s my time to ball. I had to really sit on this shit for over a year, I didn’t even know if it would ever come out. There was so much crazy shit going on in my life, just moving all over, trying to raise my son.”

You said you’re trying to get another project out by the Fall, what’s that sounding like?

“Working on all new music right now, I got another project I’m about to put out with the homie Budgy. We got a little EP, probably about to come out shortly before Summer. Probably about to put some videos together for it, that’s sounding like some funkier shit, chiller vibe. Whole time I’m going to be working. By September or October I really want to get a full-length LP out, I want that to really sound like what I’m going through. Really more on some grown man shit, I got a lot going on that people can listen and relate to. It’s going to sound smooth, I want to dive into the story of my life. Really clear the air on what people think about me, why I am the way I am. I went to Santa Monica High School so people just assume, ‘oh he’s just from Santa Monica’. I love Santa Monica for what it is and the people I know, but I really have been nomadic ever since I was a kid. I’ve lived 25 places just within LA, I don’t want to be boxed in off the perception. I want to give a roller coaster, let it be cohesive at the same time. I want to bring a lot of producers together on it too.”

Which producers are you thinking about working with?

“I’ve never really had this opportunity to make as many tracks as I can personally to choose from. I really want to be sitting on 30,40,50 tracks to pick from in the next month or however long. I just want to really put it together. As far as producers I really am open man. Smoov obviously, Fizzle, a lot of people I worked with on this. Definitely want to work with the homie K Fisha, he’s sent me some stuff but shit was tricky with everything else going on. Really about to knock that out now. Definitely bringing my boy Budgy in. I want to work with that man Bruce24k, his shit sound smooth. My boys in Pittsburgh for sure, Big Jerm, Edan, all those fools are crazy. Definitely about to have a dope, chill ass vibe. On some player shit, grown man shit, getting down to business shit.”

What’s the biggest thing that keeps you going to keep creating?

“I put a short video out on my instagram and YouTube, in it I talk about how I really did this for my sanity. When I started to make music, my mom had just passed away, I was playing football, but I really think I wasn’t using the right outlet to express myself. I just gave it up cause that was me and my mom’s dream, like play football and go to the league. This is the route I chose to take instead. What really drives me at this point is my son for sure. New things come in and it changes your perspective on things. For a while it was just to stay sane, I always wanted to make money off it, but it changes when you have to provide. Then the factor of doing shows and seeing people really loving the music, you get addicted to that. At the end of the day I really am doing it for my family, my little boy, and anybody in the world who goes through shit. I’m right there with them.”

What are some key lessons you’ve learned up to this point?

“It’s kinda cliche but on some Kobe shit, just keep moving forward. One step in front of the other and keep it pushing. It’s going to be battles, you’ll be really down, and really up. When you’re up don’t get to high cause you can tumble right back down. Do your thing and rock with the people who rock with you. That’s number one. If people don’t rock with you then it’s whatever, let them hate. The people that do rock with you, you have to be 100 back with them and maintain those relationships. Make quality music too. If you aren’t doing that then maybe you got to find a different route in this shit. Talk whatever you want to talk about, but make it quality.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

“Keep looking out for new music all 2020. Planning a show right now, like a release show for this project specifically in the next month. Look out for that. New videos, new music, I’m keeping my foot on they neck 2020.”






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