Pure Luxury “G.O.M.D” feat. FlyMoney IcyB Music Video (Dir. by James Porter)

If there is one thing that peeves rapper Pure Luxury it’s #dickriders. With that being said what better way to campaign “Stop DickRiding” than to unleash the video for “G.O.M.D” off his latest project ‘The pLAybook’.

In this visual, Pure Luxury plays the role of a OB/GYN, while getting high he receives a call that a baby is on it’s way. As Pure Luxury hilariously walks into the house to find out the birth giver is a male he raps his per usual disrespectful lyrics as he helps deliver the baby. Watch the video down below to get a better understanding of the acronym “G.O.M.D” & see the unbelievably amusing ending.

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