Kehlani Airs YG Out On New Track “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)”

Kehlani Airs YG Out On New Track “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)”

Kehlani and YG recently dropped a track together titled “Konclusions” on Valentine’s Day. But looks like it’ll be the first and last collab, as Kehlani announces her break-up with YG in new track, “Valentine’s Day (Shameful).

In “Konclusions” they seemed to be on good terms but Kehlani hit us with a diss track letting us know that things are not good at all. She talks about being in a toxic relationship with YG and also addresses the cheating scandal from YG’s end.

In the song she won’t mention YG but says: “I’d say your name but you don’t deserve recognition/ You played the hero but you really are the villain/ There ain’t a bone in me that wants to spare your feelings/ You called me crazy, but it was my intuition/ Used me for status and fame and recognition.”


Looks like Kehlani had a lot to say after Friday, listen to the diss track below!


Briana Velarde

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