BlueBucksClan – “Clan Way 2” Mixtape

BlueBucksClan – “Clan Way 2” Mixtape

In 2019 BlueBucksClan duo DJ and Jeeezy took the city by storm with the release of their debut project “Clan Way”, which was home to hits like “Clones”, “LAX”, and “No Rules”. To kick off the new decade BlueBucksClan drop the sequel “Clan Way 2”, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from the young duo in the future. With guest appearances from Joe Moses, 1TakeJay, Bino Rideaux, and King Combs, “Clan Way 2” is full of punchy deliveries and braggadocios raps and is unwaveringly west coast. Their often boastful lyrics combined with their cool, nonchalant deliveries are fun to listen to but can sometimes sting, like when they brag about why they know what your kid’s favorite cereal is on “1st Place”.

Clan Way 2 features beats from a variety of LA’s heavyweight producers such as Ron-Ron, Matt Bricks and LowTheGreat, who often brings out the best from the two such as Jeezy entering a different element for his verse on “Walkin In”. DJ and Jeeezy’s overall chemistry and ability to build upon each other’s ideas keep the songs from feeling stale like on “Hate It Here”, where the two rap flawlessly about the chicks they got from Inglewood to Long Beach. A fantastic follow up to their initial debut project, “Clan Way 2” is hopefully only the beginning of what BlueBucksClan have in store for us.


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