Lowkey LA Classics: Blxst + Bino Rideaux

Lowkey LA Classics: Blxst + Bino Rideaux

Los Angeles is a city thriving with musical talent, to the point it’s overwhelming sometimes. Music drops frequently, projects get swept under the rug, or simply forgotten about. We don’t forget over here at Rosecrans. There are plenty of projects that have everlasting value, many never receive the recognition they deserve. These are the “Lowkey LA Classics”:

August of 2019 was a highlight reel of R&B, Snoh Aalegrah dropped, SiR dropped, the genre was thriving. In the middle of it all LA had an EP drop that has established longevity, six solid tracks that left us all wanting more. Blxst and Bino Rideaux combined their distinguished sounds and talented voices for Sixtape. Song after song they raise our expectations, this is the type of project you hit shuffle on with confidence. Blxst produced the entire project, he orchestrated the perfect audible experience, everything sounds super clean. Sixtape does not get the appreciation it deserves, real ones know this is a classic.

“Bacc Home” sets the temperature right off rip; slow, relaxing, deep cuts, a cohesive compilation of this style. This is their home court, they already got the one up! It is amazing how well they work together, their styles coincide with each other harmoniously. The variations in their vocals create a laid back, soothing atmosphere. They redefine the sound of the streets, speaking on them with their unique, groundbreaking style of R&B.

At some point each one of the songs has been my favorite, it changes after each listen, depending what I’m on. After revisiting the EP recently I’ve been running back “Right Now” the most. Normally if I’m putting Sixtape on I’m running it from start to finish. It’s a concise listen, just over 16 minutes, there’s no reason not to enjoy the entirety. I can’t stress the versatility of this project enough, you can play it under any circumstances; from the bedroom, to the whip, to the function, and everything in between. No matter when you throw it on, whoever’s around will be asking how to add to their library. We need a sequel this year.



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