Los Angeles’ ForeverKofi Shines As. A Vocalist On His Engaging New EP


One of the biggest misconceptions in the Music Industry is that Artists… are all just Artists. For many of them, especially in today’s game, their career titles span much further than, “Rapper,” and for some, they even moonlight in other areas of the industry. One of those artists is ForeverKofi. Currently working at Buzzfeed, and having previously worked at Complex, Kofi has a keen understanding of how to make a record pop, and how to introduce it, such as his release party recently at Buzzfeed, where he unveiled his impressive new R&B EP, Love

Highlighting his abilities as both a vocalist and songwriter, Love is an emotional exploration of different stages in a relationship, represented by the different records. With only 4-tracks, and a 10-minute runtime, probably the best part about the project is how the small sample size of time allows you to run this EP 3-4 times in a row without even noticing it finished, a key quality in the streaming era.

With this serving as his first release of the year, you can bet that ForeverKofi will be a name we will be hearing more often than not in the near future. Until then, press play on his engaging EP below.


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