Las Vegas Artist, Rocket The Aviator Unveils His Impressive New Project


Many people want to rap. Actually, almost everybody wants to rap. But just like anything in life, there are limitations and a lot of the people making music right now, are just boring. Las Vegas native, Rocket The Aviator is the exact opposite of boring, and sometimes, that’s all you need to push yourself into developing the other qualities needed. Showcasing his versatility, he finally releases his long-awaited project, Rocket Science.

Produced entirely by MEantime, Rocket Science is a fun, incredibly enjoyable 8-track project that finds Rocket exploring himself creatively. The interesting part about this project is that each song serves as it’s own little world. While they may subtract from cohesiveness, it doesn’t really matter, as the Vegas native provides us with an appetizer sampler of all the things he brings to the table. Whether it’s sheer melodic presence, infectious cadences or just funny one-liners, Rocket proves on this project that he’s here to stay for a while.

Take a listen to Rocket Science below and get familiar with Rocket The Aviator.


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