Atlanta Rapper, BOREGARD. Releases His Impressive New Album, ‘Silence Of The Lamb’

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Co-signs are one of the most desirable things in the world, if you’re an up and coming rapper. For some reason, probably more so than in any other genre, in Hip-Hop, one shoutout or verse from the in-the-moment rapper at the time can make the most novice of artists, starts. So when they happen, especially if it’s coming from somebody you look up too, it’s always a moment. That’s exactly what happened when Earthgang shouted out Atlanta rapper, BOREGARD. live on the radio, citing his single, “Beyonce Knows,” as one of their favorite records from Atlanta at the moment. Doubling down on the attention, the kinetic rapper drops off his engaging new project, Silence Of The Lamb.

Utilizing an array of different production styles to showcase his versatility, BOREGARD. spends most of the project in auto-tune, providing intriguing melodic combinations that I wasn’t sure he had in him, before. On, “Lay Down,” he rhymes about a potential love interest, and utilizes tropical island production to get off one of the more fun records on the project, showcasing his surprising vocal range. Other standouts include, “Meantime,” and “Warning.” The former is a break-up-to-make-up anthem that finds BOREGARD. harmonizing with Nai Br.XX about a love that’s lost, but wants to be found, and the latter pairs the rising rapper with, Wiley From Atlanta for a beautifully written record that serves as probably the best track on the project.

Take a listen to, Silence Of The Lamb below and get familiar with BOREGARD.


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