Cardo – “Game Related”

Cardo – “Game Related”

Stop playing, Cardo has been a master of sound since he first got in the game. Not many people can produce such flawless records, he knows what he’s looking for every time. The combination of Payroll Giovanni, Kid HBK, and Larry June over  Cardo’s deep synths, funkdafied melodies, simply cold production made straight for players. The trio is exactly that, three P’s who have the home court advantage with this sound. Everything comes naturally, it’s all organic, nothing is forced, straight up the smoothest 10 tracks right now. This is what G-Funk sounds like in 2020, and it is elite. Fellow Oasis members Yung Exclusive and Foley Beats also put their foot into this one. You can run it from beginning to end, no skips. Probably will end up running it right back again immediately too. It hasn’t even been out a week but I damn near played it back 20 times already. A crucial release, needed that!

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