New York City Rapper, Hey Alpo! Releases His Engaging New Single

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While there’s no doubt that our hearts are full of sorrow, hurt and defeat right now, we must honor those that have dedicated their life to excellence, by prospering in their honor. It’s tough, but it’s possible. One thing that always helps during these trying times has been music. Music can be therapeutic in many ways. The record can help by providing you relatable content to let you know that you’re not alone, it can complete distract you by providing some temporary entertainment or it can inspire you to keep pushing. Hailing from New York City, rising rapper, Hey Alpo!‘s new record, “Crunch Time,” definitely falls under the latter.

Utilizing climatic production and an anxious cadence, “Crunch Time,” sounds like in the movie when the bomb is about to explode and you only have 30 seconds to figure out which wire to cut. The only difference is instead of an excited and frankly, scared voice on the other end, it’s Alpo, sounding cool, calm and collected as he guides you to the finish line. With a slippery flow to accompany an ability to produce some infectious bars, it should be no surprise that Alpo is starting to gain a little bit of attention.

Check out the single below and get familiar with, Hey Alpo!


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