Buzzing Las Vegas Artist, Impact RH Let’s Go of His Long Awaited Debut Album, ‘Norf Pole’


Let’s face it. In 2020, during the era of streaming, we have no clue what to categorize as a “Mixtape,” or an “Album.” This can be largely to blame on the fact that DSPs are the main source of consumption, now, which means that most-to-all of your projects have to be for sale, making the term, “Mixtape,” a bit more obtuse. The only fool-proof assumption is to not make one at all, and take credence to what the artist says, cause they’re the creators of it. And a lot of times, you can guess the quality from which term they choose. Opting to utilize the latter and hop off the porch, North Las Vegas crooner, Impact RH delivers his highly anticipated debut album, Norf Pole.

At 12-tracks, Norf Pole is a perfectly timed album that gives Impact just the right amount of time to get his story across. While details about his childhood are scarce, Impact paints a perfect snapshot picture of what it’s like to be in your 20s, living in Sin City. It could be a hot day outside, filled with pool parties and bikinis, (“Diamond,” “No 1“). You could be experiencing a night for the ages, club hopping, (“Green Light.”) You gain love, (“Fine Asl,”) you lose it, (“L.V. 2 N.O.,”) and get faded to forget it all, (“Juice,”) and sometimes all of this happens in the same day. He even gave a shoutout to our favorite pasta-themed chain restaurant, “Maggianos,” solidifying the local authenticity of this album.

As for the production, Impact calls on Real Hits friends, enlisting CMPLX, Blair Norf and Sdot to handle a bulk of the album. Keeping the features scarce, the only non-Industry Plant voice to grace the project is BCrafty, who delivers a scene-stealing verse on one of the project’s standouts, “Green Light.” With Impact ditching the big features and co-signs, he not only proves his artistry, but also his fire and determination to prove that he’s one of the best R&B voices around. Something that has been chronicled a lot as of late.

Take a listen to, Norf Pole, below and get familiar with Las Vegas’ favorite son.



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