Adonis & DJ Skizz – “Logan”

Adonis & DJ Skizz – “Logan”

Let’s tell it how it is, Adonis is one of the best emcees coming out of Long Beach right now. If you disagree, you’re fried. Connecting with DJ Skizz for nine grimy tracks on their collaboration, Logan. Adonis expresses his love for Logan and Stone, putting himself into the DC Universe throughout his bars. The man tells any story with the highest level of articulation, his words are sharp as Wolverine’s claws. He does this solo with the exception of one feature from Tedy Andreas, a solid choice. I’ve been running this project back constantly since it dropped. There is a beat for any mood, lyrical context for any situation. It just depends what bag you want to get in. Go grab it on CD to hold yourself over until the vinyl releases.

“Logan” Adonis x DJ Skizz by DJ Skizz


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