Chief DVB Delivers His Hazy Tribute To ‘The Matrix’ In His Intriguing New Video For, “Mission”

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Growing up, The Matrix was a cool movie to me, but it wasn’t really something I cared about deeply. In fact, I didn’t even see the sequel to the movie until some years later… when I started smoking weed. All of a sudden, the movie had a much deeper plot, I needed the red pill and Morpheus became a lot more of an icon to me. So, it only makes sense that if the two were ever somehow connected, weed and The Matrix, then I would probably love the hell out of it. Well, my fellow stoner geeks, rejoice, as Las Vegas artist Chief DVB has answered our prayers in his new video for, “Mission.”

Utilizing a parking garage in Las Vegas to emulate a few scenes from the movie, Chief and director, Keene Dadian, create an interesting storyline out of almost nothing. Matching the energy with his music, he likens his mission to get as high as possible to, the one in the movie, donning a black trench coat to sell the bit even more. Doing this over the slippery Paqboy Grazi production, the trio make for a nice collaboration to start the year.

Take a peek at the video below and get hip to Sin City’s, Chief DVB.


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