Take A Trip To São Paulo, Brazil With Rising Songstress, Sartør & Her Appealing New Single


Love is one of the those things that’s hard to explain, and can drive you completely insane. Then, to make things even worse, you’re not even sure if it’s love that you’re feeling, as it might be lust. So now, you’re wondering if this person that has your brain in a pretzel is even worth all of this trouble? It’s a dangerous game, but a necessary one, as Brazilian artist, Sartør explains in her new lyric video for, “Stay.”

Produced by Sartør herself, “Stay,” is an engaging record that showcases the rising singer’s pen at a high level, as she ponders over if she should stay with a love that’s gone sour. Utilizing impressive vocal range and melodic progression to mesh the sounds together, her futuristic aesthetic within her sounds makes the video even more fun, as her charming and welcoming personality oozes off of the screen. With this being the first single from her upcoming debut, EVERYTHING IS REAL, now should be the time that you start paying attention to Brazil’s newest export.

Check out, “Stay,” below.


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