Los Angeles Artist, BR2CRAZE Shines On His Engaging New Project


Melodies may drive the industry right now, but lyrical content will always have it’s place in this genre. For every Lil’ Uzi Vert, there’s a Benny The Butcher, and they’re both equally as important to what we are. Having the ability to navigate through both of these sectors, Los Angeles Rapper, BR2CRAZE has the potential to be sort of a chameleon, taking the shape of whatever’s needed to get the job done. Showcasing this, he releases his impressive new EP, Hustle & Flow.

Calling on inspiration from one of the best Hip-Hop movies of our generation that carries the same name, Hustle & Flow is a short, but engaging EP that sees BR jumping in and out of different creative loops, showcasing his versatility. Utilizing crafty hooks, stout lyricism and an infectious cadence, he makes the ride feel more like an appetizer than a short meal, meaning, you want more and are no where near full.

Check out the project below and be sure to stay updated on BR2CRAZE.


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