Sham1016 Gifts Us “Sham, Myself” EP Just In Time For The Holidays

Sham1016 Gifts Us “Sham, Myself” EP Just In Time For The Holidays

To label South Central Los Angeles native Sham1016, as just a rapper would be dismissive. Sham is a creative director, graphic designer, comedian, actor, singer, and also a rapper. A true renaissance man in the age of one-dimensional artists who are still struggling to find the beat, and hit notes. This year, Sham has displayed all aspects of his artistry, however, his music is improving immensely with every project. After releasing the ‘FADE’ EP earlier this year, Sham is right back with a new EP ending 2019 stronger than a triple shot of Tequila with no chaser.

“Sham, Myself” is four tracks of refreshing originality with a twinge of nostalgia. Listening to this project was like drinking a delicious new flavor of ice cold Sunny Delight. Track number one, “Lyrical Miracle (Fuck You Talkin’ Bout” sounds like it was deadstocked from 2001, and finally released to the public 18 years later. Its soulful production and raw bars were top notch and I honestly expected Beanie Siegel to come on and spit a sixteen at any given moment. “South Of Pico” is a biographical short film, describing the setting in Sham’s current life in audio version. The vivid story telling, coupled with Sham’s catchy cadence will make one run this track back more than a little bit. The third song “Earle’s in Designer” is a statement track, any fly young LA player can relate to. This is the song you play when you just got your tax refund, scored on a big play or just got hit your bonus at work (if you’re getting your corporate thug on). To close out this project, Sham1016 really hit us with a haymaker sampling Ja Rule’s “Down Ass Chick” for “Player Of The Year” featuring Cheyenne Wright. If you play this song and do not feel like the international player of the year, you need to get a haircut, wash your car, oil your beard, apply moisterizer, buy some new cologne, a new fit, then play it again to experience it correctly.

Listen to the full project below on Spotify or all other platforms here.

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