Rising Las Vegas Artist, Leanin’ Lo Enlists Compton Artist Garren For Their Creative New Video


For many Las Vegas residents, like myself, a lot of our parents aren’t from here. In fact, I’ll take it a step further, many of us weren’t born here either. If you’re like me, and plenty of others, we came from California, were many of our families were priced out due to the astronomical cost to live in CA. Still, as mentioned before, our roots are still deep in California and many of our extended families happened to survive the White Flight. (Gentrification = White Flight, F.Y.I.) Due to this, it’s not uncommon for Las Vegas artists to reach out, and collaborate with those from our sister state. Somebody who has done this more than anyone has been Eastside Vegas rapper, Leanin’ Lo, who recruits Compton singer, Garren for his engaging new single, “Love or Lust.”

Calling on popular cameraman, CMDeluxe to help bring his vision to life, Leanin’ Lo masterfully paid homage to, The Nutty Professor, in this video. Taking on the mantle of Sherman Klump, the Sin City native plays the role of, “Professor Lo,” as he teaches a class and ponders love–or lust–over a beautiful women who comes to visit him, hoping to win him over. With Garren providing a great performance as the student with impressive vocal range, the song and the video definitely go hand in hand, making for one of Lo’s more impressive releases to date. Though he’s more known for his aggressive, high-octane style of music, Lo proves that he’s more than just a one trick pony on, “Love or Lust.”

Watch the video below and get familiar with Vegas’ rising star.


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