BnkRoll Benny Releases Debut Project “From Dusk Till Dawn”

BnkRoll Benny Releases Debut Project “From Dusk Till Dawn”

One of LA’s best new artists, BnkRoll Benny is making a statement by closing this strong year out with the release of his debut project “From Dusk Till Dawn”. The newcomer began making music in January, released his first visual in May, and has already worked with the likes of MoneyBagg Yo, Drego & Beno, Cypress Moreno and $tupid Young.

BnkRoll Benny’s knack for picking opulent production designed to rock stadium sound systems mixed with his ominous and braggadocios singing style makes for an entirely new sound to come out of LA. If you had to compare his musical style to someone in the city however, the closest comparison would be rising Compton star Roddy Ricch.

The entire project is a wild ride through the night from sun up to sun down. “Dusk Till Dawn” the title track is an invitation to the world of BnkRoll Benny, as you walk in to a party in the penthouse with a city view you can see the world the way Benny does. Track number 2, “Flooded The Face” is an invitation to his jewelry box, as his voice gleams over the stellar production like shiny bright diamonds under LED lights. On “Water”, you will get drenched in the drip that bursts out the speakers, wear a raincoat. The assumed single is “Up N Away” which features Detroit’s best new duo Drego & Beno, as they make a surprise appearance at the party, sip their double cups and flex their auto-tune muscles to create a standout record which will play at least twice upon first listen.

Like at any good party, when it comes time for shots you reach a crossroads in your night, you’ll either turn up or slow down. During this party, the crossroads are no different, “Shots” is the most experimental song, think Post Malone meets The Weeknd at the party, as they sing on top of a glass table as women with rosy noses and red eyes surround them. His most personal song on the album, “Stamped In” produced by Cypress Moreno, gives you a window into his master bedroom, inside his memory box, which exposes his true purpose. He sings about grinding for his nephew, his daughter and recalling the days he didn’t have anything, but better days have arrived. As the all-night rager reaches its finale on “Legendary”, the sun rises, the dust settles, the toxins you’ve consumed are slowly seeping out of your body and fatigue is setting in. Once you wake up from your slumber, you’ll be ready to run it all back again.

Listen to the full project below on Spotify, and on all platforms here.

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