Long Beach Rapper, BACKWOOD BRAT Introduces Her Energetic Debut Video


Growing up, I always thought that Long Beach and Los Angeles were one in the same, they’re not. In fact, in my opinion, they’re complete opposites. Despite that, they’re both oozing with new talent, and have a lot to provide. For Long Beach’s part, they’ve got heavy hitters like Vince Staples, as well as rising stars like Mikey PX, and the mixture of the two has brought some eyes to the city. Hailing from there herself, up and coming rapper, BACKWOOD BRAT looks to leave her mark, with her new video for, “Tinder.”

Utilizing some aggressively charged production from beat-maker, J Phi, the LBC rapper absolutely makes her presence on this one known, and her position stated. Showcasing impressive cadence structures to match her equally as engaging lyricism, BRAT spends the record completely getting loose, providing an enjoyable performance on the track. As for the video, it finds her in an abandoned junk yard where she’s letting emotions off by spray painting walls, damaging cars and just creating overall mayhem.

Take a peek of the video below and be sure to get familiar with BACKWOOD BRAT.


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