Watch As BnkRoll Cruises Downtown LA In “Allstars” Visual

Watch As BnkRoll Cruises Downtown LA In “Allstars” Visual

LA’s newest hustler turned rapper, BnkRoll is back with a brand new, luxurious visual for his single “All Stars”. Watch as he shares a window into his penthouse lifestyle filled with foreign cars, and imported women (or it might be the other way around). In this Omdelux directed video, he cruises the streets of Downtown LA, shoots his shots, and rolls with all stars, so basically he’s the Kyle Kuzma of the rap game.

BnkRoll’s airy, ominous style of music sounds like it sprung from the frigid night life of Toronto, but he hails from Los Angeles. His auto-tune filled, trap style of rap distinguishes from the current pack of west coast artists who are shooting up the ranks. Stay tuned for his forthcoming album “DUSK TILL DAWN” dropping later this month.

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