Airplane James “Lay Low ’19” (Audio)

Airplane James “Lay Low ’19” (Audio)

Just like chicken grease in a frying pan, Airplane James simply will not go away. As ‘Plane prepares to release his latest EP “Who TF Is Airplane James”, he leaked one more song from the project titled “Lay Low ’19”. If the instrumental sounds familiar, or how generation Z would phrase it, “doesn’t this song give you Snoop Dogg vibes?”, its thanks to SoundsLikeTC‘s clever flip of the Dr. Dre’s original production on Snoop’s “Lay Low”.

Now, nearly nineteen years later, a naive eighteen year old hip hop fan will believe Snoop Dogg sampled Airplane’s song and not the other way around, then be humiliated when the find out the truth. Just the way I felt when I found out Snoop’s “What’s My Name” sampled Parliament’s “Atomic Dog“.

Listen to Lay Low below and pre-order his EP here.

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