Southern California Producers Z-God & Drip Gold Team Up With AzBenzz & Big $wift For Their New Single


Often times, it’s hard to wear more than one hat in the music industry, but it’s a necessity. Sure, if you have a voice like Adele, or can rap like Future, then you might be able to get away with doing just one job, but even juggernauts like those two, do other things. So when esteemed engineer and Z-Room studio owner, Z-God teamed up with Drip Gold to drop their new single, I was incredibly intrigued. When I heard they would be behind the boards producing for Big $wift and AzBenzz, I was even more interested. When I saw the name of the song was titled, “Complicated,” well… I was sold.

Taking advantage of the current wave of sampled music, the production duo uses Usher’s classic, “You Make Me Wanna,” perfectly. Once I heard the sample, I wanted to see how they used it in contrast to the recent use from Summer Walker’s newest album, and was pleased to see that it was vastly different. With $wift and Benzz taking lead vocal duties, the duo croon about past and future relationships, and the mumbo jumbo mess of contradictions that come with being in, “love.”

Take a listen to the single below and get familiar with the 562 talent.


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