BB Knight Returns With His Melodic New Single


Money is the motive. It’s something that’s been said countless times throughout Hip-Hop’s tumultuous history, and has been proven even more than that. With that being said, it should be no surprise that getting rich is the number one goal for around 80% of rappers, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Art — as well as college sports — is the only arena in which getting your money is looked at as selling out, or not being pure. Well, that’s bullshit, and a really broke way to live. One artist that refuses to be that way, and is still as pure as they come, is So Cal native, BB Knight, who drops off his brand new single, “Get Rich.”

Produced by UliCookUp, “Get Rich,” serves as the next evolutionary step in the R&Juug sub-genre that Knight has been coining the last few years. Heavily reliant on drowned out auto-tune vocals that croon about the love of the money and not for the bunnies, Knight glides around the spacey production with ease, as he hits a few vocal octaves that I would be interested in seeing him further explore.

Be sure to press play on the single below, and stay keen to Knight’s moves, as he’s been touting a 2020 album release.


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