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Airplane James “Who TF Is Airplane James” EP Announced [Full Track-list + Artwork]

On August 6th, one of Compton’s most respected rap veteran’s, Problem arbitrarily began tweeting lists of several categories involving current and past LA rap. The categories included; Compton’s All Time Top 10, Top 5 Melodic Rappers/Singers, Top 5 LA Lyricists, and Top 5 LA Newcomers. All the lists predictably created much debate and controversy.

Every artist listed was relatively well known, except for one, Airplane James, listed as number five in Problem’s Top 5 LA Newcomers. The phrase “WHO TF IS AIRPLANE JAMES?” began to spread like wildfire on social media. As the question began to be asked more and more frequently, Airplane decided to embrace it, and planned accordingly. The result of that planning, is his latest EP “WHO TF IS AIRPLANE JAMES?” which will be released December 6th, exactly four months after Problem’s controversial tweets. The project features Problem himself, Sham1016 and production by SoundsLikeTC. Full track list and cover below.

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