BnkRoll “Neva Laccin” Video

BnkRoll “Neva Laccin” Video

BnkRoll is a 24 year old hustler turned rapper from Downey, CA. Under a year ago he took his small fortune and invested into his music career, teaching himself how to freestyle, then sing and harmonize. His musical influences include Nav, Lil Baby, Gunna and more. With just under a year of making music under his belt, he’s already collaborated with some of the most elite talent in the industry including MoneybaggYo on the song “Bout Me” and Detroit duo Drego and Beno on Up and Away off his forthcoming project. 

In his latest visual for “Neva Laccin”, BnkRoll showcases his lavish lifestyle filled with luxury cars, women dressed in lingerie and of course to display that he’s never lacking. Stay tuned for much more music to come from BnkRoll.

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