Indiana’s Richie Bux & Moreno Valley’s BamBinoMafioso Connect For a Crazy New Video

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Indiana and Moreno Valley are more than two thousand miles away from one another, and probably couldn’t be any more different. Still, despite this, the two cities will forever be joined. The reason being? Indiana native, Richie Bux and Mo Val rep, BamBinoMafioso have linked together for their adventurous new video for, “Murder Rate,” and this one is for the books, to say the least.

Directed by Gio Visuals, the video follows Bux, Bam and their respective crews around a few areas of downtown Las Vegas. Catching infectious shots of all of them with guns, money and cars, the video closely follows the narrative of the record, which is essentially a 3-minute long showcase on why not to fuck with them, if you want to keep the peace. With Bux and Bam shifting through completely different cadences, “Murder Rate,” is one of the more polished records to come out, this week.

Watch the video below and get hip to the new wave.


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