Louisiana Native, OTL Beezy Resurfaces With His Impressive New Project

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Music, and Hip-Hop in general, has been moving at a really rapid pace. Every single day, tens of thousands of people release something new, hoping to get that big break that allows them to be stars. With this notion, it could be hard to come across the real artists looking to make an impact, and not just a buck. Don’t worry, we got you. Repping Louisiana, native rapper OTL Beezy returns to our pages with his engaging new project, God Be My Witness.

Calling on production from mostly a list of up and comers, it would be easy too assume that a lot of the beats would sound young. Incorrect. Instead, the group of rising beat-makers provide a refreshing, new sound that allows Beezy to stand in an area of his own. With features including Chxpo, Slimesito, Grownboi Trap and more, he instead opts to spend his budget on bigger features, while yet again standing tall. Being a newer artist, it would be expected for Beezy to take a backseat to the bigger names, hoping to get a co-sign. Going the other way, Beezy instead chooses to go bar-for-bar with each of them, mainly coming out on top.

With his name starting to ring bells in the industry, it’s only a matter of time before OTL Beezy really catches fire. Press play on the project below and get familiar with the rising Louisiana product.


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