Texas Artist, Hanani Delivers His Groovy New Record


Growing up, most of us had somebody inside our house that would warn us about the perils of going over to… “that side.” Meaning, “Stay where I can see you, and not lose control of you to the savages over there.” One of the best examples of this is in Lion King where Mufasa instructs Simba to stay away from the rougher areas of the jungle. Playing on these themes and more, Texas native Hanani releases his adventurous new single, “Eastside.”

Produced by Accent Beats, “Eastside” is essentially a song written from the perspective of Simba, had he not listened to Mufasa. “Mom on the Eastside of town, you know I’m chillin’ with my ‘patnas, my rounds. You know we get it in,” rhymes the Arlington native over the jazzy production, sounding as if he just broke out of captivity. He then goes into an impressive pair of verses, where he talks about things like not judging him for his clothes–or you’ll regret it, rolling through the city for some fun, dodging cops and more.

Take a listen to the record below, and get familiar with Hanani–who has teased the upcoming release to the video for the track.


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