Las Vegas Artist, Bennett Delivers His Surprise New Project

Las Vegas Artist, Bennett Delivers His Surprise New Project


Hip-Hop nowadays is such a spectrum, that it’s almost impossible to even dissect what is, and what isn’t these days. One thing we will always acknowledge, though, is creativity. Since the beginning of the genre, rappers who could also produce their own beats have been the secret driving force of Hip-Hop, no matter what sub-genre you’re speaking of. Hailing from Las Vegas, ascending artist Bennett has started to garner some respect in this lane. Hoping to capitalize off of it, he releases his self-produced mixtape, Exp.001.

Clocking in at 9-tracks and just a hair over 16-minutes, Exp.001 showcases Bennett in his most comfortable position… in charge of everything. Utilizing his production prowess to geniusly craft beats that seem tailor made for his vocal tone and cadence structure, the IPMG artist touches on many topics including love, suicide, forgiveness, not fitting in and many, many more.

In short, this project is perfect for anybody going through some things that they may not want to speak to everybody about, until they can figure out what is they’re going through. No worries, press play on Exp.001 below, and let your mind wander free.


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