Dlowith3HOES & Shmichyy “T-Pain” Prod By Beatboy

Dlowith3HOES & Shmichyy “T-Pain” Prod By Beatboy

DLOWITH3HOES & Shmichyy are a rap duo from South Central Los Angeles, California who strayed away from the G-Funk, Khaki’s with Chuck Taylor lifestyle and were instead influenced by southern rap-stars such as Playboi Carti, Lil Yachty, Young Thug and others. What resulted was an extremely unique sound that the two crafted that sets them apart from the rest of the west coast. At only 21 years old they’ve made some waves locally although only releasing a handful of songs.

Their latest offering is a track titled “T-Pain” named after the multi-platinum auto-tune god, and produced by platinum producer Beatboy which is a finessing anthem for young kids across the globe. The video is directed by Outkast Marcoss and was originally premiered on Daily Chiefers.

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