Rising Atlanta Artist, 27O1 Drops Off His Engaging New Single


It’s no secret, right now, The South runs Hip-Hop–and to be honest, we really mean Atlanta. So it’s never a surprise to me whenever I stumble across a scathing new artist from The Peach State. Hailing from South Atlanta, rising star 27O1 has been quietly building himself a buzz, showcasing a prolific work ethic. Continuing that streak, he unleashes his catchy new single, “OFFSET MONEY 2.5.”

Produced by Viper, the beat is without a doubt one of the standout qualities of the record. Brilliantly matching up 27O1’s villainous vocal tone with ambitious synths and minimal melodic interruption, allowing the rapper to get uber-creative and jump around on the track a little bit. Another endearing, albeit frustrating, things about the record is how short it is. Clocking in at just a shy over 60-seconds, the short nature of the song forces you to replay it many times, but makes you wish for a longer version–which is… honestly a really good problem to have.

Check out the record below and be sure to get familiar with 27O1.


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