Lil’ Duece Releases Debut EP “No Marks”

Lil’ Duece Releases Debut EP “No Marks”

From releasing a few singles, being featured on some of LA’s biggest mixtapes, & eventually creating a dope name for himself Lil’ Duece has delivered his debut EP titled “No Marks” that contains features from Mackk & Co.’s Blackk & AzChike. Produced solely by Romo, his lead single “Hide the Money” track should sound familiar, as has a dope visual to accompany it.

His EP takes listeners through his hunger & strength, as well as the chemistry he holds alongside whoever he decides to share the track with. Listeners are taken through the seriousness of the streets, as well as the precautions everyone has trained themselves to take. The goal remains to become successful with the team though, & he covers that within “Nascar” & “Hide the Money.” His energy stays effortless throughout & closes out on a high note. We highly encourage music fans to tap in. Stream it below!

Irene Guerrero

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