BassSquad Blackk – “Money” Feat. Lil’ Duece & Rucci

BassSquad Blackk – “Money” Feat. Lil’ Duece & Rucci

Mackk & Co’s Blackk wants everyone to bet on him & with his latest banger, it’s easy to do so. Featuring Lil’ Duece & Rucci, the track opens with a melody that would be played during a dope party scene within a movie. Within seconds the voice of Blackk comes in with a catchy chorus. “What I look like? Money. What we talkin’ ’bout? Money… ” He recites with confidence that is projected tenfold onto the track. Rucci & Duece deliver verses that have them bragging of their come up, grateful for all they’ve gained the feeling is contagious to listeners.

Although this is the first single we’ve heard from Blackk since his “Mackk” release, we hope to hear more from him in the near future. With his unique voice & beat choice, he’s always been an artist that we’ve looked out for & per usual, we’ll keep you updated on the latest. Stream the track below!

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