Bale – “The Score” EP

Bale – “The Score” EP

South Central artist Bale has released an EP titled “The Score” that contains 5 tracks, all of which will have listeners looking through the motivated eyes of Bale. With having released a few singles over the past few months, fans knew a project was coming but were unsure of when or what sound it would hold. Now that it’s here, we encourage everyone to tap in.

Bale is an artist that is effortlessly transparent in his raps, whether he’s telling a story or pushing himself to be the greatest he can be. He speaks on life’s obstacles that come with the streets where he grew up, as well as playing with the fact that he’s beat the odds with courage. As one goes through each track, it’s as if a new layer of Bale is revealed as he dives deep into personal stories, messages of truth, & inspiration to keep going. Stream the project below!

Irene Guerrero

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