3rd – “DIE” EP Prod. by Chucky Beatz

3rd – “DIE” EP Prod. by Chucky Beatz

“DIE” is the latest EP release from artist 3rd described as a film that appropiately contains 3 tracks all produced by Chucky Beatz. Each track contains a dark feel that matches the emotion & bars that he brings forth effortlessly, yet the title of each track can play tricks on the mind before one hits play. Almost like child’s play if one were to think too much of it.

He opens up the first track with a stab at the negative ones who surround him, more of a feeling of sticking up for oneself in a way that listeners may not be used to. He’s been standing back observing for a minute & has had enough to the point where he’s speaking up. “WOW” contains a huge sense of sarcasm when he speaks of day one homies that are starting to change, as life comes at us fast friends become enemies & it seems he’s been waiting for that moment. He closes it off with “USC” which isn’t your typical motivational track on doing well in school, more so letting you know that the hyna you met in class might be a little crazy.  Stream & share your favorite tracks below!

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