Dallas Mainstay, Coach Tev Resurfaces With His Brilliant New EP


All of the buzz in Dallas, Texas the last few weeks has been surrounding the Cowboys and their inability to secure a contract for their star running back, Ezekiel Elliot. The attention, however, should be on the best thing smoking in Dallas, right now, and that’s rising artist, Coach Tev. After solidifying himself with his last release, he returns with his incredibly engaging new EP, COTY.

Set to the concept of a troubled, albeit talented, coach of a disgruntled team that’s overachieving despite its’ issues, my favorite part about the concept of the EP is Tev finally embracing the prefix in his moniker. Utilizing the concept, he plays that role perfectly, making for a fun, introspective ride.

As for the music, Tev continues to double down on the ambient, lyrically charged and concept heavy raps that have made him an underground favorite. On, “Sad Day” he examines a few different situations that would definitely qualify as that, as he effortlessly skates over the brilliant production. As for other standouts, “Mini Cap” sees Tev get busy with the wordplay, while, “Gold Lips” reunites him and B.Anderson for another amazing record the two can add to their already dense list of collaborations.

In total, COTY is definitely a small serving, but serves as a great teaser for whatever it is Tev is working on in the shadows. With a growing fan base to compliment his ever-evolving sound, Coach Tev proves that he’s definitely an artist to watch, and one of Dallas’ best current products. Actually, I heard he’s the one who got the deal with ‘Zeke done? Thanks, Coach.

Take a listen to COTY below and get hip to Coach Tev.


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