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Mann Is Inserting Himself Into The West Coast Resurgence On “In The Mix”

Nearly ten years after his hit single “Buzzin” cracked the top 40 on US Pop Charts in 2010, West LA legend Mann appears to be flying high all over again. With a new spin on a classic, west coast style, Mann is ascending once again thanks to solid new singles he’s consistently released this year. His latest, “In The Mix” is aptly titled since he’s ingratiating himself within the resurgence West Coast hip hop is currently having.

Mann’s “In The Mix Video takes you on a trip up the Southern California coast to beautiful Malibu Beach in a white Jeep with the windows rolled down. The song itself, lends itself to reflection with lines like “I had to sit back, reassess my approach, make sure I represented for the folks on my coast”. The feel good track is ready to be added to your playlist which will help you cope with the disgusting LA traffic as you imagine yourself cruising up the coast.

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