Las Vegas Crooner, PapiChuloTeej Delivers A Pair Of Engaging New Singles


Local love is something that rappers love to disregard, but simultaneously long to acquire. Sure, in 2019 you can become a star without the help of those within a certain proximity, but will it feel genuine? Luckily for Las Vegas crooner, PapiChuloTeej — who was recently named the Best Rapper in Las Vegas by local publication, Las Vegas Weekly — he has everybody’s attention, and he makes good use of it with the release of his engaging new singles.

Featuring fellow crooner, Marcos G, “S.O.S.” is the first track on the list, and it completely sets the tone for what’s most likely to come from Teej. Meshing an acoustic vibe with some 808s pitched right at the perfect tone and tempo, Teej & Marcos combine for an incredibly infectious single that’s hard to turn off.

Recruiting enigmatic artist, Victor Internet as the guest star for the finale, “Distant” falls less on the indie acoustic side and instead ambitiously opts for a sound that’s straight out of an 80s movie that star’s Teej as the shy, but talented kid from the high school who blows everybody away at the talent show, and gets the girl.

In short, the cinematic quality of both records is probably the best improvement Teej has made since his last drop. Take a listen to the two records below and stay up to date on one of Vegas’ rising stars.


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