Sambo Releases “Oye” EP

Sambo Releases “Oye” EP

It’s beautiful to see creatives of different cultures & backgrounds embracing where they’re from. Whether that be throwing in a word or two of Spanish or sampling that classic track that our mom’s used to clean the house to, Sambo has done just that in his latest EP “Oye.” “Oye” roughly translates into hear or hears, & within this EP we can hear how he embraced all those sounds that are a part of him. The EP contains 5 tracks, one being a remix of his original track but nonetheless, it plays smoothly throughout as he jumps back & forth from English & Spanish. Although not all listeners may not understand because of the language barrier, it’s simply a slight inconvenience that doesn’t take away from his great voice, smooth beats, & overall dope EP. Stream the project below!

Irene Guerrero

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