Kee Riche$ Releases “From Broke to Rich” (Intro) Music Video

Kee Riche$ Releases “From Broke to Rich” (Intro) Music Video

It’s been a few months since the release of Kee Riche$ “From Broke to Rich” project release & if you tapped in, then you’re well aware of the intro that aids in setting the perfect tone for the project. Produced by the young up & coming JR, the track holds a catchy melody that Riche$ rides through his tough tone & motivated story. Shot by Dundee Films, the visual caused quite a commotion online with the behind the scene snippets that were shared & thus made the fans impatient to watch.


Beginning with a birdseye view of Compton, the shot zooms in to see Riche$ jumping over a brick wall with a purpose. As the beat drops it cuts to Riche$ & crew with LA’s TrapKitchen truck behind him as a surprising backdrop. As he takes a stance in the middle of an intersection while some cars bust donuts, it’s not even close to the wildest thing that the visual carries. Watch & share below & be sure to stream “From Broke to Rich” on all platforms.

Irene Guerrero

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