Kyle Banks – “Hit My Phone” Prod. by LouieJi & Meez

Kyle Banks – “Hit My Phone” Prod. by LouieJi & Meez

With everything at our fingertips, it’s made us impatient especially while we wait for that one person to hit our phone, even if their not all ours. A situation that might be more common than we’d like it to be & that’s what Kyle Banks covers within his latest track. Produced by LouieJi & Meez, the track contains strings & a smooth melody making it perfect for Kyle Banks to lay his vocals over. His urgency to meet with his interest is felt within his voice yet he knows at the end of the day she’ll eventually hit him back. He’s willing to do the most when it comes to seeing her as long as she’s up for it, have a listen to see how the situation turns out. Stream it below!

Irene Guerrero

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