Bossmann – “Champagne Music” Prod. by ROMO

Bossmann – “Champagne Music” Prod. by ROMO

“Champagne Music” seems to be the perfect title for all the winning that’s been going on with the artist from Mackk & Co, but the track isn’t what it seems. The snippet gained quite a bit of traction via LA Twitter & was finally released a few days ago. Depending on the mood one is in, the track is truly something for the ladies & for the men who can be smooth with it, but like Bossmann states, not everyone can be that fly. As he recognizes someone special in his life through the track, he also strives to make sure listeners know he’s a standout from the rest. A track that is perfect for those late-night cruises & best of all, it’s produced by none other than Romo. Stream & share the track below!

Irene Guerrero

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